Positive ovulation test 7days in a row

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Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:55 pm 
Post subject: Positive ovulation test 7days in a row
Im trying for baby number 2
I been taking Ovulation test from Nov14-Nov20 7days in a row with a positive test.. Is it normal to have a Positive ovulation for 7 days in a row??
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Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:29 am 
Post subject:
It can happen, some women with PCOS will get positives on some brands of tests all cycle, or it can be normal to have a long surge one month, I've had it happen once in the last 3yrs, but it could also possibly be that the OPK is picking up a pregnancy, that's happened a few times on here as well when women had what they though was a period but must have in fact been pregnant and got positives on the OPK's as soon as they started testing the following cycle.
If they weren't positive at first but then went positive and stayed positive for a week then it could just be that this egg was a tough one to crack and took a longer surge than normal and you could go back to normal next month.
If they were positive from the start I'd do a home pregnancy test just to be sure.
If you do get your AF and wanted to check then you could try doing an OPK a few days after AF starts, normally it should only be very faint then, if you get a strong or positive line it might be worth going to see your GP to get your LH levels tested. Good luck xx
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