Rash on face, back of neck and chest

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Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:52 am 
Post subject: Rash on face, back of neck and chest
Hi all - my lo is 6 weeks tom.. for the first 4 weeks she had cow and gate but seemed reasonably groany/moany ( a bit like wen u make the pushing noise in labour)plus was only going for a poo every 3-4 days with play doh little nuggets inbetween. So i swapped her to aptamil last sunday. about 4 days ago i noticed quite a sore looking rash around the back of her neck and though her bibs were rubbing. next day the rash was on her chest a bit and a few spots on her head.. they are now spreading slowly around her face and down her chest. its not heat rash as they fade but then go red and sore looking, some are like tiny whiteheads/blister looking. poo's no different. any advice ??
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Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:09 pm 
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It doesn't sound like a typical milk allergy reaction to my limited knowledge but I'd certainly get it checked out! I would have expected her to have a rash on her face and where the milk has touched and possibly being sick/dodgy poos.

My daughter has minor allergic reactions to food, lactose and other bits and bobs, usually a contact rash and/or an under skin rash, as well as loose poos. Fortunately she's not highly allergic but enough for me to know to avoid that thing.

I would take her to the HV or doctor to seen, rashes can be caused by all sorts and its best to be safe.

(Just to add, what a cutie!)

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