15 m/o cries entire time in church nursery & for sleep

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Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:18 pm 
Post subject: 15 m/o cries entire time in church nursery & for sleep
My 15 month old won't calm down and stop crying In the church nursery. I get called every Sunday along with other church activities. He also won't stop crying if I put him down awake in his crib. He can cry for two hours and not give in. He won't even pay down. He stands the entire time and cries. So strong willed!!! My pediatrician has said he has separation anxiety. He doesn't care about using any self soothers (bottles, blankets, pacifiers) I tried sitting in his room when he goes to sleep. It worked for a while but now he just cries the entire time. We made no progress. I'm expecting baby #2 march 1st and I'm hoping we can solve these issues before baby arrives. Please HELP!!!!!!!!
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