Two week old baby screams after feeding, help!

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Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:57 am 
Post subject: Two week old baby screams after feeding, help!
I just had a 10lb baby boy September 7th he drinks about 4ozs every feeding I try to balance 2oz of breast milk and 2oz of similac formula for fussiness and gas,
He has just started screaming looking like he is in so much pain after he eats,
He throws his fists, around turns red, shakes his head, screams, kicks his legs straight out sometes or sometimes he will bring them to his chest.. I don't know what's wrong y dad is a rn and thought it could be very bad gas and colic but I bought some medicine I can give him three doses in thirty minutes seems to calm him for only a short short period of time. His crying and screaming lasts a minimum of 5 minutes and can last up to an hour and thirty minutes
His poop is normal the medicine on the box said it can change his poop and not to be alarmed.. He is my big tank it kills me to see him screaming, he also spits up cottatge cheese like spit up..
Please help.. Maybe I should change his formula?
My father and also my brother couldn't drink regular formula my brother couldn't process protein and y dad had to be put on soy formula...
Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:37 pm 
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It sounds as though your baby has acid reflux - my daughter had it very badly until she was put on Enfimil A.R. milk

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