Quick overview of my story

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Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:59 pm 
Post subject: Quick overview of my story
Well, I've been to 7 funerals, and NO weddings!
My nan (mums side) passed away when I was 4, I still remember some memories of her and I remember seeing her body and going to her funeral. At 9, both my dads parents passed away within a couple months of each other, and I also remember going to see their bodies and going to their funerals. When I was 12, my grandad (mums side) passed away, which I also remember everything too. At first it was hard coping with it all, but in a way it got easier, I suppose you can adapt quite easy when you're young. I also attended my bestfriends nans funeral, as she was like a nan to me, se passed away when I was about 13 or 14. I also attended a close family friends funeral, but I'm not quite sure how old I was!
March this year, I also lost my 9 year old brother very suddenly due to a brain haemorrhage. This is the one death that I honestly cannot cope with, and thoughts of seeing his body 2 and a half weeks after his death still haunts me. After my brother died, we donated his organs and as a result it has transformed 5 people's lives, including two young children who received his heart and liver.
Then, in November this year, I miscarried.

It's been hard to deal with the loss of my brother and baby the most, although I do miss my grandparents very much also! But I guess in some way, you always know that your grandparents are going to die. You never imagine your younger sibling or child dying before you, which I guess is why I took it so hard, especially on top of a 5 year relationship break down.

I said quick, and I guess this is as quick as I could make it! .. That's my story so far, so just thought I would share with you all. I am terribly sorry for everyone else's losses.

Thank you for reading,
Sarah x

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