question on being induced after a previous c-section

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Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:15 am 
Post subject: question on being induced after a previous c-section
Hi everyone

im 33wks this thursday and im due in hospital on friday to see my consultant to see how things are going with pregnancy and to discuss options for birth due to previous emergency c-section.

My little boy is now 3 yrs old and when I was in labour with him I was taken for a emergency section due to fetal distress n had to have general anaesthetic as epidural didnt work. All was ok in end though.

just wanted to ask opinions or if anyone else knows if my consultant would agree to induce me for this pregnancy as my partner now has a new job over in canada and we really want him home for the birth. Ive read that consultants will not do inducement if you have had a section last time? Is this true. And that being induced can risk uterine rupture?
my plan is to try for a vbac this time, but I understand I may need another section which is fine if needs to be done.

Me and my partner did discuss me going into labour naturally before he was offered this job. But with him being so far from home and the risk of there being no flights available it isnt really a option, plus under canadian law he isnt entitled to paid paternity leave so no chance of him taking time off and waiting for me to go into natural labour because we are not able to afford it at this moment in time.

any help would be appreciated.
Thanks nic x
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Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:21 pm 
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Hello there,

I had a c section 13 yrs ago with my son due to fetal distress. With my daughter I was going for a vbac which they encourage on my nhs trust. I went 10 days overdue in the end and I was going to be induced, when they do induction after a section they do it by breaking your waters instead of the pessaries or drip. From all what Ive read the chances of actually having the scar rupture is extremely slim, I think they just like to be ultra cautious. I'm not sure where you would stand in getting an early induction, I don't think they'd do it to be honest. Having said that you can have sweeps done from 38 weeks, this is what they did for me. I had one at 38 then 39 and finally 40 weeks. Unfortunately not one of them worked as they couldnt reach my cervix. It was because of this I ended up going straight for a c section as on the day of my induction they couldnt reach my cervix to break my waters.

Having been through an emergency section and then an elective one I have to say the recovery with the elective was so much better I found it quite surprising.
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Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:14 pm 
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I had a section with my son due to non progression after induction. My consultant has refused to induce me this time as when you are induced it forces the body into contractions stronger than if you went natural. I personally wouldnt be induced again as there is more risk. Lots of consultants refuse to induce but some do. Plus there will only be 17 months between mine.

Good luck xx

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Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:56 pm 
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I had my first by cs but it was because she was breech. I had my second naturally. There was 17 months between them. When I was having my VBAC I was completely unaware that there could be any issues. It's only from coming on ask baby that I found things out.
I was induced with my fourth but only by drip not and I wasn't going to have a full induction. But I didn't need it. Good luck xxxx

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