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Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:58 pm 
Post subject: your tiny teether
Hi! After several long years finally we became parents thanks to IVF procedure performed in Ukraine. Now we have an adorable son of 4 years. Iíd like to tell you a few words about how it is for us to take care of his teeth.
From the very beginning Iíd like to say that itís never too early to start a good dental hygiene routine. Itís useful to begin brushing twice a day as soon as your babyís first tiny teeth become visible. Youíd better apply a minute smear of toothpaste to a small-headed brush with soft nylon bristles. If youíre nervous about using a brush you can use your finger. Itís also important to accustom your child to the feel of a toothbrush. So, try to switch to a brush as soon as possible. Make sure your toothpaste is specially designed for children. Follow your dentistís pieces of advice.
For us at the first steps teethís cleaning was rather controversial. One day our boy liked it and seemed to be interested in the process. Another day he was completely protesting. Yet another day he felt angry and was trying to throw his toothbrush away. It took us almost a year to get him used to the procedure.Exclamation Smile
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Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:04 pm 
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Hi! For those who suffer babyís teething. Babies are occasionally born with teeth already showing. But they usually cut their first one at around the age of six months.
Some children may be early teethers, while others will remain gummy until the age of one year or more. Our first tooth appeared in the middle of the lower jaw. That was unforgettable! I had been looking forward it for 5 months. When it was poking through our baby was too nervous. We could hardly amuse him. Shocked
They say, the full set of 20 milk teeth will probably be in place by the time your child is around 2,5 years old. Only then parents will be happy to breathe in more easily.
Itís very important to get the child accustomed to visiting the dentist. Find yourself a child-friendly dentist and start making regular visits as early as possible. If you are a nervous patient yourself, try not to show it for your babyís positive emotions. How the first visit is made, the same would be the other ones. Initially, your child may just enjoy a ride in the chair without any procedures. You should encourage frequent check-ups as soon as all your childís milk teeth are through. This will get them accustomed to the equipment and smells. This will hopefully reassure them that a trip to the dentist is really no big deal.
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