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Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:59 pm 
Post subject: Advice please :)
Hi all. I don't come on here much.. I hope it's ok to ask a question about things Smile well I have reached 32 weeks in my pregnancy I'm very big out front and look late stages! I have been having very strong Braxton hicks with pains and sometimes bad pain on and off for weeks.. I'm almost positive I have lost my plug a few times as well. Well today I went to my midwife and I'm 2/5 palp.. I have been told that with second pregnancies this normally happens right before labour.. I'm not wanting to convince myself I will be early and also this is far too soon for all these things to start isn't it? Sad I don't remember it being this soon with my first! (He is nearly 2) I'm scared unprepared and unsure what to expect.. Has anyone's experiences been similar to mine? I really would love to hear your stories Smile thank you all Smile
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Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:26 pm 
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I know this is late just hope everything is ok or have you given birth already? I would of thought the best thing to do would be to talk it through with your midwife. X

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