CM, (tmi)

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Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:00 pm 
Post subject: CM, (tmi)
Hey ladies! Im currently on cd 25. Ive ovulated on cd 14 so thatll make me 11 dpo.

Everyday since ovulation ive been having creamy cm. Varying in thickness.
somedays it would be alot and it would be in my knickers. Other days it wouldnt be as thick but it would def be there.
Sometimes it just gushes and i feel like ive either wetted myself or started AF but everytime i check its just the CM.

Ive been having a tad bit nausea but i believe Thats only from my eating habits.

Also, anyone ever experience their heartbeat getting faster?

cd25/28 *waiting to test
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