so confused am i pregnant

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Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:04 pm 
Post subject: so confused am i pregnant
so here goes i am 3 days late my period and have had sum sickness and heartburn lately n very tired all time i have been sterlised as i already have 7 children and yestarday i decided to do a test out poundshop and came bk possitive then i took a clear blue plus 2 diffrent 1s and wer negative then i did same this morning and wer negative then i did another poundshop test this morn aswell and was negative however bout 30 mins ago did same poundshop test and possitive so confused this has never happend to me before am i pregnant or not reaaly scared cause increased risk of ectopic i do have cramp like period pain nothing to one side or anything can sum1 help me Confused so thats 8 negitives all in and 2 possitives
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