3 weeks old and constipated

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Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:11 pm 
Post subject: 3 weeks old and constipated
I have a 3 week old baby girl. She's been constipated since we started formula. We tried different formula and now since we are using nutramigen she finally pooped on her own. I used suppository for about three days before she had a first stool on her own recommended by her doctor. Well the problem started last night when I noticed a bit of blood in her stool. It was small but I took the diaper and my baby to see her doctor this morning, and she said its most likely from torn fissure from being constipated. I was wondering if anyone else has similar experience? I am just so worried about her and it breaks my heart when she cries.
She is eating well and sleeps fine its just her stool that makes me nervous.
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Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:20 pm 
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I have done some research on it for you and the doc is right with the blood too....
I have copied and pasted it Very Happy

-Try offering a water bottle to your newborn several times a day between feedings (if your health care provider approves).

-Try several small feedings offered more frequently throughout the day. By spreading out the feedings in this manner, your baby’s digestive system has a better opportunity to digest the intake of formula.

-Apply a small dab of lubricating gel on baby’s anus to protect the sensitive area and allow stool to pass a bit easier. Avoid using mineral oil as a lubricant.

-Ask your health care provider about the use of flax oil as a relief aid for constipation. Often, a teaspoon of flax oil added to formula may help treat constipation in baby.

- Try massaging your baby’s tummy in a circular motion close to her naval. This may offer some comfort to your baby and help promote a bowel movement.

-Give your baby a warm bath as the baby might relax enough to allow the passage of stool. You can also try placing a warm face cloth on your baby’s tummy.

-Proceed to move your baby’s legs up and down as if she were riding a bicycle. This can help ease your baby’s discomfort from gas.

Theres so many things i saw on the net but try not to worry hun. If bub hasnt done a #2 in 4 days then id go to the doc and take it from there but other than that try not to worry. search up on Google 'Remedies to help constipation in newborns' etc it will give you some guidance.
Hope bubby feels better soon!

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Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:09 am 
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I was using babies magic tea to soothe my colicky baby from constipation and fussiness.
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