Shouldn't get my hopes up too soon????

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Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:27 pm 
Post subject: Shouldn't get my hopes up too soon????
So iv been on a 3month ttc wait as I'm on string medication so we ttc in january, and I dot know if I'm over thinking it but could I already be pregnant? I know I fall pregnant quick but is this too quick? My son is 2.5 so deffo ready for a bro or sis,
I havnt had loads of symptoms I just feel different! (But could be in my head)
Symptoms are...
Hot flushes...(could be pmt)
I had cramping on day 6po
Feelin tierd, (but tht could be as I've got a 2.5year old and loads on at work as well as hospital treatment due to bein off medication)
Oh and I'm very poor boy getting a grumpy mummy!

What are your thourghts pmt or possible pregnancy
The witch is due Friday/sat.... When should I test?
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