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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:57 pm 
Post subject: Reading
My son is 5 and in year one, he is the youngest in his class and is really struggling learning to read (he is on level 1 the other children are on levels 3-7). The school have noticed and we have had meetings, he is currently getting extra support and they are trying o get him a statement (but these things take time). He really loves books though and likes to be read to and can read some words, I feel sad because he notices he cant read as well as others and wants to read. I want to do a bit more with him at the minute we read (the school books, and other books we go to the library together), I get him to write a sentence a night in a Q&A children's diary I ask him the question he tells me his answer and I have to tell him the letters to write (he can recognise all the letters and their individual sounds), the school have also given me hand writing sheets for him to do and a list of words for him to learn to read (ORT 1+). But is there any good/ fun reading schemes or activities anyone does or has done with there child of a similar age anyone can recommend, he doesn't mind doing activities (he enjoys the time spent with him) as long as they aren't to long (20mins). I am due with my second child in less then two weeks and my son has already told me he is scared of being left out when the baby is born, so I was hoping if I had some activities that would help him but also give us a chance to spend some time together would be nice.
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Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:33 pm 
Post subject:
We do learning books with our son and he loves them. You can get them in book shops, amazon, toy shops, etc. we also have magnates that he uses on the fridge and a letter book. The other thing we do is spell words out like Lego and play eye spy using more sounds than letters if you know what I mean. I can be hard but we try to do everything like a game and like you said not too long. Good luck. I'm sure he will catch up soon enough. X

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