re-actions to infertility & trying to move on

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Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:08 am 
Post subject: re-actions to infertility & trying to move on
Hiya... I just wondered how you have found peoples re actions to your infertility - we seem to have lost touch with so many people that can't see why we 'can't just get over it' or take us putting ourselves first as a complete personal act of bitterness & hate towards them - or if we were real friends we could just put it to one side! that works both ways though - right? I have never said I am not happy for people or not sent cards or congratulations wishes when they have produced.

Surely forcing myself to attend 'baby showers' & maternity hospitals would just make a mockery of our pain and suffering? I feel I cannot win!! :'(

any similar experiences? xx
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