going out of my mind!

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Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:08 pm 
Post subject: going out of my mind!
Hello all and thank you for any advise I may get.
Sorry if it's invasive.
Here we go,
Last year in January we were ttc despite me strongly not having periods and happily became pregnant to expect our first child, unfortunately we lost at 8 weeks pregnant and I became very ill. The gynecologicst discovered I had several fibroid as large as football's,I was on zoledex injections and eventually had open abdominal myomectomy to remove them without removing my uterus, now we are all well and ready to start again. On March 1st we were ovulating and tried to conceive. It's now 12DPO and my symptoms are my boobs swollen, little emotional, had craving for lamb which I.hate and the inside of my vaginas wall is all swollen and puffy but since 10dpo I had slight pulling/cramping which has since ended and now I've had dark brown blood on tissue only when I wipe, my basil temperature has been a steady 36.4 but today was 36.3, I'm trying to convince myself it's a period so I don't get my hopes up but everyone thinks it's implantation bleeding but I never had bleeding this early last time, am I right is it a period? I know it's too early to test but I'm going crazy Sad please some advise or stories of your pregnancy Smile
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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:01 pm 
Post subject:
Hello honey! !

You can take a first response test which claims it can detect 6 days before your period is due? I've just seen this post was on 13th march...did you get a BFP??? Smile xx
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