Herbal help that is working for me!

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:50 pm 
Post subject: Herbal help that is working for me!
Hi ladies, I just wanted to share some information on things i am funding help my cycles. So here goes, my cycles have been a little out of sort since my tubal reversal etc. So for two cycle i have been using raspberry tea, red clover tea and a Dong Quai tincture all from amazon. The results have been great my ovulation day was all over the place from cd 17 to cd 24. With the use of the tea last cycle ovulation was on cd 17, this cycle cd 14 ��

In case any of you fancy trying it it is one cup a day with 2 raspberry tea bags, one spoon of red clover tea (i didn't get bags so use a strainer and two big drops of Dong Quai. I have one cup a day from cd 1 until i get a positive opk, it is not wise to drink after ovulation. If this helps one person or is worth it ��.

Now i am trying smep, if that works i will let you know
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