Returning to work and hours

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Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:52 pm 
Post subject: Returning to work and hours
I had my baby boy in July 2013, before this i was working 5 days a week, after I had my boy I changed and was working 3 days a week, I then fell pregnant again with my little girl which I had her in september 2014, im due to return to work on 1st May, as this is shift work as in hotel reception, i dont really want to do weekend or evenings as I look after the kids during night so partner can go to work and want weekends as a family, plus nursery is only open 8am-6pm, can I request what I want or wait til they offer me something, if anything?

what am I entitled to? and what if they have nothing to offer, where do i stand?

Thank you
Bournemouth, UK
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