hip pains?

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:48 pm 
Post subject: hip pains?
When I was 16 I twisted my the cartilage and tore two tendons in my right knee. After suffering from recurrences and bouts of immense pain where I was unable to bare weight even for a second for over a year I had an operation to repair my knee. Since then I've had problems with my knee, I'm unable to straighten it fully, the cold plays havoc with it and sometimes it gives way. Any way since then I've had 4 babies in almost as many years (December 2009, June 2011, October 2012, August 2013). During my last pregnancy I started getting severe pain in my hips but mostly my right I gave birth and the pain remained in my right hip only but wasn't constant it came and went every few days. Then it stopped for about a month but it's come back and is worse then ever for the last two weeks it's been there almost permanently, some days are worse then others. Just wondering if anyone knows could the pain in my hip be connected to what happened to my knee and does anyone know what the pain could be? The surgeon did mention increased risk of arthritis but I just assumed he had meant in my knee, could the pain be this?
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