What is Colic? Not too sure

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Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:47 pm 
Post subject: What is Colic? Not too sure
Hello all, I haven't been in here since I was 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. My Son Tidus was born on the 2nd of march and suffered from a mucas infection at birth and had slight Jorndess, he is no longer Jorndess or has mucas but seems to be difficult to settle down, he's so quiet so never screams but he reels his legs upto his chest and whimpers most of the night otherwise in between these spurs he seems content. When I feed him I can feel the air bubbles ripple down his sides, I'm unsure if he is suffering with colic or its normality as my daughter had severe colic avd had the usual symptoms.

Please help Sad I hate seeing my little boy suffer Sad
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Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:00 am 
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Aww hope ur ok? Firstly congratulations Smile Colic is described online as uncontrollable crying of a baby for 3 hours. My boy had colic and he used to cry for about an hour and looked like he was in pain drawing his knees up to his chest. We used to give him infacol and/or gripe water but in the end as he was formula fed we put him on the aptamil milk for windy babies and that worked wonders. He would still get wind though but not as bad. We used Avent bottles with the vent, made sure that we burped him over our shoulder so there was pressure on his abdomen and rubbed his back quite vigourously for a while till he burped. If he did the drawing his knees up thing we would cycle his legs and do the gentle tummy massage which also helped. My daughter suffers now with wind but she doesn't cry. I have been breastfeeding her and I am amazed at how windy she is!! I do the same techniques with her and it all helps.
Goodluck x
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