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Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:16 pm 
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Hi everybody!!!
Iím new to this board and I want to share my story.
Iím in despair now!
I donít have children at all and most of all I strived for is becoming a mother. I want to feel what is it to be a mother, to have child, take care of him and know that somebody in this world needs you very much. I guess itís pleasant feeling Ö
I wanted to adopt a child. Iím from Germany and wanted to adopt a child from Russia. Due to my problems with health I canít carry out a child myself so the only two options for me are adoption or surrogacy. I was totally against the surrogacy so I decided to adopt. I was in queue for 3 yearsÖI gathered all the documentsÖI even can show you the photo of my boyÖ.
here is his photo ion official site
And what now? the forbidden foreigners to adopt their children and the three years of torture ended with no result.
Iím in despair!
My friend also had problems with health and she took part in surrogacy program in one clinic. She said that Iím stupid and should try also this program but I didnít want toÖbut now I think she was right then. Her baby is more than a year now and I have nothing.
So now I also want to try this clinic. She says that it nice. Now Iím waiting for arranging the date of arrivingÖ
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