Five month old won't sleep in crib

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Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:13 pm 
Post subject: Five month old won't sleep in crib
Hey mommas,
I have a five month old and two year old son. My five month old was sleeping wonderfully in his crib all night, he would wake up, nurse and then go right back to sleep.
Last month my grandfather passed and we traveled to his funeral. Our hotel room had two beds and my husband slept with the two year old while I slept with the baby. Ever since then my 5mo will no sleep in his crib. He will nurse to sleep and then the second I put him down he wakes up and cries. I've tried not nursing to sleep and putting him down drowsy but awake but the little sucker screams the second he hits his crib. He's been in bed with me for a over a month now and it's admittedly easy to have him next to me while breastfeeding but quite frankly I'm over it. My two year old is clinging to me all day and the baby will play in his bouncer but will only nap/sleep in my arms. I just want to lay down and not be touched. I didn't co sleep with my oldest and while I don't mind it I just don't think its for me, it's also hard for me to just listen to him cry and usially if he cries for more than a few minutes (like if I lay him down and go to the bathroom) he just wakes himself up and it's harder to get him back to sleep. I'm desperate to get him back on crib- I need a little space.
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