PUPPP ..... any1 else had this?

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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:40 am 
Post subject: PUPPP ..... any1 else had this?
Hi all. im almost 28wks pg and have just been diagnosed with puppps (puperal urticaria plaques and papules in pregnancy). The itch started at abt 14 wks and rash followed shortly after but really went wild 2 wks ago. Finally diagnosed yesterday and given steroid cream, aqueous cream with menthol and advised to continue the antihistamines. Im just going insane...its almost 3am n im in an oilatum bath as I cant sleep for itching. I feel like im being dramatic and making such a fuss but im really going insane and I wondered if any1 else has had similar. Not that I would wish this on my worst enemy however it would be nice not to feel alone and have some reassurance that I am not being a drama queen...thanks in advance xx
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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:35 am 
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Hi hun

You are not alone... I had this in my last pregnancy (she's nearly 19 months now). I was at hospital every other week due to numerous issues and of everything this was the only thing that I cried about the whole time.

I'm shocked they've only just given you the creams... mine took about 4 months to clear during pregnancy using the potions (started at 16 weeks) then they sent me a dermatologist appt in the post... 2 days before my due date! (as it happens I had her early so I was very much over it by then! Lol).

You are not being a drama queen at all, it is horrible. Make sure you give it air too. By evening I couldn't stand having materials on my skin.

I'm hear to listen if you need to rant Smile


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