how to stay positive??

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Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:23 pm 
Post subject: how to stay positive??
Hello to all!
As most of you, we have been TTC and have been diagnosed with infertility. Weíve already passed unsuccessful ivf. As we prepare for another round soon in another clinic, I would like to reach out to others and ask how you remain positive. I find myself feeling very negative with every new announced pregnancy, AF, baby showers.... It makes me ashamed and feeling selfish or egocentric. But I canīt help it in the moment. How do some of you stay positive?
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Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:34 pm 
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Do not be ashamed and feel selfish or egocentric.
I just had a classic you should be ashamed, not so selfish or egocentric!
My best friend got married in November and they have been trying since September. He has been very open about it. But every time I kept slightly hoping he wouldn't succeed before me. And yes, he is my best friend, I should not feel like that..
Since I have trouble getting pregnant they decided to get checked at my clinic yesterday. And it turned out she has PCOS. Instead of feeling sad, I am slightly relieved, as now I can be happy when they get pregnant, because they have to work for it.
I know pretty this sounds not good Sad ...

I do often think 'why me and not them'. And the opposite when they announce they are pregnant. But then I remember that it will happen in the end, maybe not how I have planned, but it will somehow.
When the world says 'give up', hope whispers 'one more try'. And as long as that little voice still keeps telling me to keep trying, I will.
And when I again get invited by a friend to meet their newborn, or hang out with my friends and their kids I try to enjoy those moments.
I mean holding a newborn, and sniffing it (sorry, I'm a big newborn sniffer) is one of the best things, even when the newborn isn't mine. And getting a hug from a 3 year old and a 5 year old because they have really really really missed me, my heart melts.
Those brave moments make me forget the negativityÖ
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Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:30 pm 
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Lora777, itís tough to stay positive when you see bfn each months and nothing helped. You only had one unsuccessful ivf round, but Iíve had five. Only one was successful which ended in miscarriage. Our doctor said that this is a reason to stop trying. Did it hurt? It was unbearable. You know, at that time all I needed is to change the environment. We traveled a lot, met new people. It was a new curve of our life way. At that time we decided to adopt a child and this was our salvation.
In any case, situations may differ. Iím sure you should keep on trying and soon youíll get the result.
Iíll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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