small babies

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Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:47 am 
Post subject: small babies
So i went to see the consultant yesterday about my baby being small.
my appointment was 10 and they didnt see me till half 11 so i wasnt happy at all.
When i did see her the midwife in with me checked babies heartbeat which was lovely and strong. The consultant then sent me back out to wait another half hour cos she lost my notes grrrr

She told me that my first baby was too small as she was under the 10th centile of the growth chart and was quite angry that nothing was said about it when i was pregnant Or after her birth so it means this baby Will Probably be the same.
She sending me for growth scans about 5 in total over the duration of my pregnancy and have to see her every few weeks.

I got a bit upset in there, i know its nothing bad and my babies are very healthy but just miniture size and im small myself so i think its quite normal size baby for me , its just the way she was talking was like it was very bad and just Felt a bit like there were problems with my first and i was totally unaware.

After id gone home tho i thought it will be nice to see baby more , im lucky in a way i get more scans cos other moms have to pay for extra scans

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Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:00 pm 
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My 2nd was a small baby (below the charts), but was undiagnosed until after the birth and in fact now has a growth condition meaning she is very small and skinny (mine was due to pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome so my placenta unknown to us was starving her) and will remain small and skinny.
It's good they are watching you tho. Has your baby stayed on her percentile throughout the pregnancy and are all the abdomen / head etc growths in proportion? If so it's a great sign. Additionally... have they recommended you take baby asprin? that's also meant to help


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Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:59 pm 
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My last baby was measuring small and I ended up having fortnightly and then weekly scans as they were worried about him, he was born a healthy 5lb 11oz though, they estimated him being about 4.5lbs-5lbs. He was so dinky when he was born the midwives prepped to go up to special care until they weighed him. They were really shocked seeing his actually weight! Lol.
Anyways the whole point of my post is to say try not to worry, they're not always as small as they're estimated to be.

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