No longer trust people

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Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:12 pm 
Post subject: No longer trust people
Hey all... Used to be a member here years ago... After our baby was born I think we got busy and drifted away... Anyways, I've run my own online business for the last two years, with great success... However after sacking two members of staff they have launched an absolutely awful hate campaign on facebook... While our business is still doing ok... Sales are as ever good and feedback is positive... I'm finding it really difficult to trust anyone online anymore ... Personally I've had a difficult year. But that aside I'm finding I really want to just close the business and stop... Anyone have any ideas how to pick themselves back up... Thank you ...
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Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:33 am 
Post subject:
Hey there,

Whatever you do DO NOT close up your business and stop just cause of some people are jealous that their not working for you anymore and they werent worth it.

Thats how they want you to feel, they want you to feel like [*@!#%*] and pack up and shut down and feel they have all control in how your business looks and how you look etc. They arent worth all your effort, this is yours and not no bodies to squish!

People like that come and go but goes to show how childish they are in creating a hatefilled campaign on facebook which would be tough but your tougher than them to let you down cause it doesnt matter WHAT they say about you online, what matters is how you treat the customers etc and what atmosphere and feeling they have off you.

If i saw a place online having terrible feedback but 'looked' nice and not like a waste of opening up a page and then i got great customer service etc and felt great about everything then personally i would look at the 'haters' and think 'well thats very rude and there very awful natured people'... Know what i mean?? You have come too far to let some ignorent people bring you down! There no where near as succesful eg running their own business etc are they?! Try laugh at the situation and keep your hopes and head up ok

Shame on them, and good on you! least youve stepped up in life not like some others who are stepping down to a 2 year olds level and acting childish lol and i do have a child whos 2 and even I think hes better behaved and has respect for people haha and im also pregnant and find that very silly of them. When they go try for a job and when your their last reference as of where they last worked then id be honest and tell them what they did about your business online and how childish they acted etc then goodluck to them! no employer wants people like that working with them!

Hope ive helped you! Smile Im only 23 but i dont like seeing people down and try my best.
Im always here if you need to talk Smile
★☆✿ LIFE is like a camera,, just focus on whats important & capture the good times,, develop from the negatives & if things don't work out,, just take another shot! ツ ♥♡✿
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Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:01 pm 
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I echo what snooks said.

Similar thing happened to me and shut down shop because of it. Biggest Mistake I ever made. If your customers are happy and know your business, their testimony will be taken into consideration over hate pages.

Good luck

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