Husband can't get our son to go to sleep

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Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:44 am 
Post subject: Husband can't get our son to go to sleep
My son turns 5 month tomorrow and most of the time I'm the one to take care of him. I work 2-3 overnight shifts a week and on the evenings when I'm not home my husband is watching our baby. They're great together, Sebastian loves playing with him and always very happy to see daddy to come home from work. My husband also likes spending time with him. At about 4 month old our son (who used to be "a great sleeper") start waking up multiple times at night, now it got better and I usually don't have to much trouble putting him asleep, but the baby wont go to sleep with dad. Sometimes he would fall asleep for five minutes and wake up. I know it's not healthy for a baby to stay awake for long stretches (sometimes up to 5 hours) and im very concerned. Our son sleeps in his crib and usually falls asleep around 8-8.30 pm. His bedtime routine is a bath ( which is almost always given to him by his dad)and then we rock him to sleep with a bottle in his nursery. I like to sing him a song, but sometimes I can tell that he is not up to it and ill just rock him to sleep. I know that dad is following the bedtime routine and tries really hard to make it work, but something is not right. On the night when I'm not home baby can stay up until 11-12 pm until he is completely exhausted and only they he'll go down. Usually with me our baby can't stay awake for longer than two hours and gets really cranky, but with him he stays awake for much longer and refuses to stay in his crib alone with his mobile on even. HELP!
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Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:19 pm 
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