colicky 3month-old - advice on sleep training please!

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Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 7:39 pm 
Post subject: colicky 3month-old - advice on sleep training please!
I have a 3.5 month old that has been co-sleeping since birth. He was colicky for his first 3 months and always cuddled. By night, he sleeps next to me and by day, he naps in my arms. He does not know how to sleep on his own. It is time to start sleep-training but I do not know how to proceed. He cries so hard he soaks the sheets with sweat and tears.

I'm having a hard time sleep training my baby b/c I also have 2-yr old twins that go to bed at 8 pm and like to escape from their bedroom and have to be put back down many times. My husband is a fisherman and is gone so it's just me.

Has anyone used the cc on a colicky infant (3-4 month old)?

Do methods differ for nap vs night?

Is it better to start the training at night or day?

Does anyone have a book reference or website url that details the cc method?
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Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 9:28 pm 
Post subject: Sleep and colic babies
Hiya, I have a little one who gets very colicy unless i give her infacol before every feed, she also doesnt like it if i eat too much spicy foods as i breast feed her. She also seems to resist sleeping in the day and used to take between two and 4 hrs to get her to sleep at night. I found The Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg really useful, particularly in terms of understanding your babies communication. It also goes through techniques for sleep, feeding , colic and rotinues and breaking accidental parenting habits which i got into which i have found really helpful. With getting to bed at night it now takes anything from 7-20mins which is great. We make sure we have a good night time routine eg bath (which sooths colic as well),feed,story,sleep. I put her in her moses basket and if she cries will comfort her by placing my hand on her chest, shhing her and let her cry for a short while. If she gets too upset i pick her up and as soon as she calms put her back in her moses basket and do the same thing several times untill she goes off to sleep... takes a few days/week to crack it so have to be patient and be consistent don't give up, we have tweeked our approach but generally this has worked and night times are so much easier now. Stiill struggling with day time, trying the same thing and making sure she sleeps in a darkened room if pos, but i find if she doesnt sleep in the day, she gets over tired and very grizzly and struggles to settle at night, so if she cant sleep n the day i do resort to taking her for a walk or drive to seep so she doesn't get over tired. Am still working on this tho. Its hard and draining at times. Hope that's helpful.
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Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:03 pm 
Post subject: Colicky baby
I have used lots of remedies, burping techniques and medicines to settle down my colicky newborn. The final product that soothed my colicky baby was babies magic tea.
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