3 Negative HPT and period late (pls any advice!!)

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Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 11:42 pm 
Post subject: 3 Negative HPT and period late (pls any advice!!)
Hi Ladies, so confused, please someone help before I got out of my mind. My period usually falls on days 30-34. I am 39 and the only time in my life that I have missed a period is when I conceived my son just over two years ago. I have been to a fertility specialist a couple of months back and he ran all the usual blood tests. I am still ovulating, no health issues at all. I use OPK's at home to give me prior notice of when I may be ovulating, due to my days varying. I got a positive OPK (test line darker than control line) on day 16 of my cycle. So assuming I ovulated on day 17 or 18. I am now on day 37 of my cycle and have taken two HPTs and both negative (both with morning urine). Around 3am yesterday morning (day 36) I woke to really really bad cramps (I never get bad cramps when AF is due, just a pulling sensation), but of course I just thought well this month they are worse than usual and here comes AF, better late than never. I got up, put a pad in. Woke at 6am and still nothing. Got up this morning and still nothing and no sensation of AF arriving. I have taken another HPT this morning and negative! What I cannot work out is that me and my DH only had sex on day 15 and 18 of my cycle. I do realise that I could have got pregnant in the days following cycle day 18 so that would make my period due date later, but that means the OPK would have been wrong, or is it normal to ovulate three days after surge?? A couple of days before AF was due around cycle day 32 I went to the toilet and had ewcm dripping out of me (sorry tmi) but that's how it was. I never get that so late in my cycle. Or again, was the OPK totally wrong and I was in fact having a messed up cycle and ovulating on day 34?? Surely if I was pregnant and I did ovulate three days after the surge (day 18 of my cycle) I would still be three days late with regards to AF, so wouldn't a HPT show positive by now. I can't get my head around it, everything is contradicting everything! HELP Question Very Happy
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Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 8:31 pm 
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I have only just seen this, what happened were you pregnant? Im dying to know!!!
I know that for some people it took them two weeks before they got a positive!
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