period lasts only for 2 days, am i pregnant?

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Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:19 pm 
Post subject: period lasts only for 2 days, am i pregnant?
hi all,
im new to this forum.
i use to have regular periods for 4to 5 days and we were planning for a baby since a month. my cycle is usually for 30days.
btu last month i got my periods only for 3 days and remaining 2 days were like spotting. this month i got my periods and it last only for 2 started like regukar periods and stopped completly on the night of 2nd day. n i saw a light spotting on 4th and 5th day. also i have a severe back pain for the past one month and i am craving alot these days.
my question is, am i pregnant or is dis just a normal regular period? plz help me with this..

thanx in advance
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Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:11 pm 
Post subject:
Hey I can tell you from my own experience,

was ttc for 3 months all up and the first period i had whilst trying was soooo very light. Like what your explaining and i really thought i had implantation bleeding as it was there so light like never before and it literally came for a few hours then dissapear for a further fair few hours and was pink/red/brown etc and usually my last day of a period is a few spots on day 6 and that one was only 5 days and literally it was that light i only wore a pad and wouldnt even soak HALF of one a day.. more to it but turned out it was just a period Sad BUT now im 7wks 1 day pregnant with baby #2 and got a bfp on the 3rd month of ttc Very Happy Wink Im not saying yours is just a period and being a cow, you could very well be pregnant but i dunno for sure and dont wanna get your hopes up like i didnt then nothing..

The only way to know is wait till your period is late then test, if still late by a week or so then id go in for a blood test Wink Wish you luck! x x

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