Periods that nvr been regular and trying w no success!!

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Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:55 am 
Post subject: Periods that nvr been regular and trying w no success!!
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I feel like everywhere I go all I see is beautiful pregnant women. My husband and I have been married for close to ten years and we have three wonderful healthy boys who are 9,5 and 4. We have been trying to have another child for 17 months with no success, at all! With our first son we weren't trying and got pregnant in what now seems to be a blink of an eye with our second son we weren't trying and got pregnant right before my husband deployed to Iraq and our third son we tried for 6 months and finally conceived. Now with the timing finally being right we have not had any luck with trying for baby number four. The first 8 months of trying I wasn't freaking out we thought it will happen when it happens but after the one year mark with still no luck every month I go to take that test and get the same response of not pregnant I've left the bathroom crying more times than I care to say. Now both of my sister in laws are expecting, my best friends and two of my cousins it seems like nothing we try is working and I feel left out of a party that I desperately want to belong too. I have been to three different gynos to get the same response from each one everything is working fine and we just need to give it time but my husband and I are at the verge of frustration with the two of us being in our late 20's and never having this problem before has our stress level high of what the hell why isn't this happening!?!?! I have always had irregular periods since I started my period at the age of 11. My cycle is anywhere from 27 to 34 days so pinpointing when I will ovulate is close to impossible! So since the end of my last period my husband and I are hell bent on this month being the month we will finally reach our goal and are having sex everyday with hopes that if this doesn't work nothing will!
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