Im so eager to test but i am nervous

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Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:09 pm 
Post subject: Im so eager to test but i am nervous
Hi guys just want to know if you had similar experiences coming up to testing if your pregnant and what did you do or what happened. My last period was 26th july and i have a pretty regular 28 day cycle, I'm due to start this sunday but these past couple of days my body has been out of syn. On sunday 17th August i woke up with my head spinning every movement of my head i got really dizzy i had a little nausea and felt ok by mid afternoon. I thought maybe its low blood pressure but i have also been extremely bloated. So i made sure i ate and drank properly and went to bed fine. The next day same thing woke up head spinning this time more nausea i felt worse. I went to see a nurse and they said my blood pressure was normal even though i described to her my symptoms and i still felt like [*@!#%*]. she said come in the next day to see a doctor. So i did and they said it could be an ear infection which is causing the dizziness and nausea even though when she did some tests my ears were fine. So she said if my period doesn't come by next week do a test. That evening i felt so sick i was getting cramps but not the usual before AF comes i had lost my appetite and certain smells were putting me right off, and i was bloated and paranoid that i would wake up again feeling dizzy. But i woke up with slight light headedness and i was able to get on with my usual chores and take care of my 19 month old son. Now today sorry for tmi a liquid substance came out of my nipple similar to what i experienced with my son last year. I have never had the head spinning before but i know not all pregnancy symptoms are the same with pregnancies i want to test now but my partner wants me to wait and i kinda do too but i just wanna know now if i am or ifs just a bad case of PMS lol
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Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:40 pm 
Post subject:
BAD case of PMS!!!! Laughing haha just jokeing!

Hey and welcome BTW!! Very Happy
Seems like you been thru alot lol full on!
Well i have son whos 2 and abit and i am now 12w5d pregnant with #2 SOOO...., i think your docs are full of [*@!#%*] by the sounds of them saying this, then that, then this, than that ahhh you poor thing!
I had alot of symptoms within the week prior to my AF and felt way out of wack with my body this time round lol i was lightheaded, hot and cold chills, nausea everyday (still even now!), loss of breath, cried in spongebob!! Embarassed mild cramps that felt like pulling in the ovary area and some in stomach, the main thing that made me think i gotta test was the bubbly sensations in my pelvis area and thought well its not gas and i felt like i was fermenting! (not beer) haha.
My OH specifically said before he went out was 'now dont take your last test or you will get upset' and i was like 'yeah yeah i wont babe' HA about 5 mins after he left i went in the bathroom and peed on the stick and came up pos! lol 2 days prior to that test it was neg so its just a matter of days where it can turn pos and i was 1 day past AF when i tested Wink
Id honestly wait till a day after AF to test but also depends on what test you have and how sensitive but best to wait till hormones get stronger so it comes up straight up like mine (if your preggas)
I think the nipple stuff is normal even when not pregnant unless its leaking out on its own which is unusual but could be a sign i guess Question i must admit that when im in the shower i look at them and kinda give them a little squeeze cause im bored just to see if anything comes out and a tiiiiny bit does but its not like spurting out like when after having a baby lol its not milk or anything but ive even done that when i wasnt pregnant and still some came out so i put it down to maybe it was just cause ive had a kid so i stopped touching them lol i felt like a freak but meh!
Hope you get the answer you want! let me know! Wink Very Happy
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