Concerned grandparents

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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 11:22 pm 
Post subject: Concerned grandparents
Our daughter is expecting her third child in October. She is in a relationship where her husband brought 2 of his children too - so soon there will be 5 to care for, aged 7 and under. She wants to go on holiday for two weeks next May with her new husband - they were married on 19 May.

They want us to look after the 3 oldest children. They want our eldest daughter - unmarried - who lives in a different part of the UK, to look after the present youngest child and the new born baby. We believe that this separation from their two youngest children is unwise and potentially damaging for both these children, particularly the baby who will be only some 7 months old next May.

Do others agree please? Have you any advice on how we should handle this request in terms of the welfare of these two youngest children?[/b]
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