anyone else in same boat?

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Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:28 pm 
Post subject: anyone else in same boat?
Hi everyone

AF was due last tue/wed. Past few cycles have been 28 or 29 days. Am now on day 35 and just been having light spotting since around day 26.
Hope this isn't tmi but quite dry down below now, only a little brownish when i wipe.Most girls who think they are pregnant say they have a lot of CM.

Only had 1 cycle this year which was 34 days.
Tested on saturday and it was negative. Don't have any signs of pregnancy.

Any advice would be great.
A confused MM xxx
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Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:20 am 
Post subject:
Hi Hun,
Well I've not had exactly the same thing but I had a kind of mis-fire AF at the begining of the year. It started then went away for another month! It was around the time we had our first appt. for the infertility clinic so i'm putting it down to stress, worry and excitement. I always have alot of CM in the second half of my cycle and never once been pregnant i've got a feeling we are all different in this.
Someone gave me some advice the other day in handling AF and the disappointment of it. Have a really good cry and get all the grief out then at the end of that remember if you didn't have periods you'd never be able to get preggers, they're just there to remind us everything is working ok! Hope this helps feel like I ramble alot, lol.
Good Luck xx
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