What time to start routine at night

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Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:18 pm 
Post subject: What time to start routine at night
Ive started a nightime routine of Bath, Feed and Bed putting my daughter into bed and she settles herself no problem, we are starting the routine at 6.30pm to get her in bed for 7.30, i then gently lift her at 11pm so not to wake her and she takes a reasonable feed and put her back down and she settles sometimes till 3am but recently shes been waking every 2 hours from 3am to feed, last night we tried bathing her later at 9pm and getting her settled for 10pm she then woke at 1am then again at 3ish but i gave her a dummy she then went till 6.30am, does anyone think its better to stick with putting her to bed at 7.30 or later at 10pm?????????
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