tips for me (not a mum but i help out)

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Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 2:28 pm 
Post subject: tips for me (not a mum but i help out)
hiya every one.

i may not be pregnant or have my own child but my big sister is pregnant.
She has to stay at our house before moving to her new house when the baby is born because its her first and she will need a bit of help. i was looking on google for baby facts when i came across this website. I want to find out a bit about how to change, wash and how to sleep the baby so my sister can have a little rest when she needs too. I also think it will be good practice for when i'm older and have my own children.

Is there any other people in the same sort of posision as me?

If so, reply with any usefull info you may have or know of.

Bye!!! from shan (aged 13)
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Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:44 am 
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changing the baby , it depends on what nappies she is going to use if she uses disposables try the eco friendly versions like nature boy and girl , Wiona bio nappy from little green earthlets or tushies. Dont use wipes or any chemicals (soaps etc) on a newborn not for the first month of their life. so cotton wool balls or washable wipes and warm water.

If she uses cloth nappies she will need some sort of liner like a disposable paper one or a fleece washable one , a absorbant nappy part and a waterproof outer.

Sleeping it may be a good idea for her to invest in a sling the natural sort are more comfortable like ring slings, pouch slings or wraps or mei tais. If the baby needs to be held due to reflux to sleep this would be a good way to save your arms and you would also be able to get on with other things while the baby is in a sling.

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