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Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:55 pm 
Post subject: that seems a bit strange to me
i spoke to a trainee midwife ( a guy - who actually I felt more at ease talking too - hope heīs qualified when itīs time to push the wee dude/ dudette out)

and he says that docs are more or less useless - if it is your GP you are talking about.

I was in a car crash about a month ago. I half suspected I was pregnant but i have had so many stresses in my life that i didnīt do a test.

when i eventually got around to doing a test and it was positive - i went to my GP for some reasurance as the baby might have suffered in the crash . which was quite traumatic and was cause by some idiot who now has had his licence removed!!

the GP was close to useless and told me iīd have to speak to a midwife but that it would be okay (how exactly could he say without even examining me - he didnt even get out his stethascope)

anyways - got a hold of a number from the GPs receptionist and saw the midwife 2 days later - i now have a scan booked for tuesday this week. weeks before I would have got my first midwife appointment,.

you should be getting at least two scans. if i am as pregnant as i think - then i am actually getting mine slightly late on.

here it is 12 weeks and about 20 weeks

so DONīT listen to the first thing you are told and be PRO ACTIVE - otherwise youīd be worried sick like me for months before you even get a bloody scan!

i am obviously still worried myself - but I am getting a scan on Tuesday now - whearas otherwise I would have had to wait another month or two - without much reassurance from my GP
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