Am i Pregnant

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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 3:54 pm 
Post subject: Am i Pregnant
Hi all i was on the Depo injection for 7 years and in Oct 06 i came off all contraception to give my body a break my periods went back to normal straight away same time every month. I am getting married in Sep 07 and me and my partner were going to try and conceive after that but most of my friends are trying to get pregnant and it is taking them months, i said to my partner we might as well just try now as it is going to take months so we did about 2 and half weeks ago just the once. On Mon tue wed of this week i have had really bad dizzy spells and nausea then it passes and i am fine i have done 5 tests with my Doctor and it comes up each time with a faint line i did a clear ble 1 and it is negative. From the hours of 2pm - 4pm i feel really tired all of a sudden. My periods are the same date every month apart from this month i came on 8 days early and it only lasted for 2 days, today the day i am due on i feel like my body is preparing to have a period but still nothing. Also today my wee has quite a strong smell to it and i am urinating quite alot can anyone help me my doctor said i have to wait a week but why would 5 tests come up with a faint line i dont know what to think i do feel different though. Help Confused Sorry i rabbled on Sad
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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:03 pm 
Post subject: am i pregnant
hi having same problem having all the symptoms sore and leaking breasts and negative results but feel pregnant already have five children trying for just one more
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