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Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 10:41 am 
Post subject: baby immunisations
My eight month baby girl has only had her two month and three month immunisations. She missed the 4 month immunisation because of a slight cold she had as well as my own reservations, so I opted to wait a week or so longer. She is now eight months two weeks old and i'm told its not too late for her to have the immunisation normally given at 4 months. However, I'm double minded as to whether or not to give it too her. The main reason she didn't have it on time was because i dodn't like of the introduction of soo many new vaccines all at once to such a small body. From my understanding each vaccine is a small dose of the virus introduced to the body in order for the body to recognise the virus and produce an antibody. Can you please tell me the pros and cons of giving her the the 4 month immunisation at the age of 8 - 9 months. Confused Does her age now have a bearing on the issue.?
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Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:24 am 
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we stopped vaccinating at 4 months , as advised by my homeopath and I found this last night I am so glad we stopped as I have now read horror stories about children who have died after vaccinations and it has been put down to SIDS , also that vaccinces are ineffective and the polio one has actually increased the incidence of polio.

You were right not to do the vaccination at 4 mnths when she had a cold as it is advised not to vaccinate when their immune system is low. We held off ds 8 wk one cause he had a cold too.

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