where is the fairness?

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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:31 pm 
Post subject: where is the fairness?
all these teenagers popping kids like paracetamol. me and my sis were adopted so i know having a bio child isnt the be all and end all but come on!! my hubby is enjoying all the sex but i just wana do the deed and see the end result!! how can there be so mant out there having problems whenhalf the mums i know had unplanned babies. damn it! Evil or Very Mad
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Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:06 am 
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I know - and I absolutely apologise if I offend anyone who is in the situation - but our irrational selfish side cant help get angry and want to put our foot through the TV when you watch Britney "no knickers" Spears not looking after the two kids she has and then her little sis getting pregnant by mistake. Do I need to go out dressed like a tramp - start doing drugs and getting drunk and then let my husband have sex with me while I am asleep for it to happen. And whilst I am on the subject - how come we sit and calculate our temps, dates, mucus (god I hate saying that) and ensure that we have sex on the days we are supposed to and so many teenage girls have sex once and it just so happens to be on the days before ovulation.

I am sure there is a grand plan out there - I JUST WISH SOMEONE WOULD TELL US WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry - touched a nerve!)

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Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:54 pm 
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You've hit the nail on the head Rockchick. From now on I'm throwing away my thermometer, going to buy a case of wine and actively encourage my OH to have sex with me when I'm asleep Smile Smile Laughing

Just kidding, well about the wine anyway Laughing It is frustrating though. There are so many 'accidents' though and they only had sex the once. Who are the fools here??
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