What not to buy?

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Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:01 am 
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ok so hes only 11wks but so far

baby bath.......couldnt have bathed without
muslin squares
sleeping bags/pods
infacol/gripe water
TT anti-colic bottles (we got the ones with better + clear measurements)
olive oil for his dry skin
newborn clothes....hes a skinny baby and even now can get in some
moses basket
top cot changer
TT nappy bin

not used
snowsuit......we bought one (0-3mths)for going home in but too big + didnt fit in car seat so also bought a 1st size (up to 9lbs) and still never used it.
top +tail bowl (came with baby bath)
johnsons baby oil (horrible stuff), shampoo, talc, lotion (all came in baby box which is useful )
baby booties....kicks them off
changing mat...take him upstairs to change
Breast pump.though it worked for 2 weeks, just didnt pump enough

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Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:28 pm 
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Absolute must if your using dummies, is a dummy catcher. Its a clip at one end of a piece of ribbon and poppers at the other end to go round the dummy handle. Saved our dummy no end of times!

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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:38 pm 
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Money Wasters:

Baby toiletries. Olive oil is about all you need for skin or a bit of vaseline for dry faces and some shampoo
Neck supports for cars
Front facing slings. Past ten weeks she was too heavy and i had a little un so god knows how mommas of big babies managed
Breast pump. True it meant she got breast milk for another 4 weeks (i stopped bfing at 2 weeks but expressed til she was 6) but at 80 pound for a good pump (and you dont wanna cheap one) its an expensive compromise.
Bottle warmer. Im one of those bad mummies who microwaves and shakes to get rid of hot spots
Tommee Tippee bottles. Prob great for some people but Caelyn had reflux
Sippy Cups. Not a money waster in themselves but had to buy about 10 different ones to find the ones she liked
Lamaze Spin and Explore tummy time gym. She HATED this


Dummies. Would not be without one
Dr Brown Bottles. The best bar none
Dr Brown sippy cups. See above
Chair. Had a bouncer followed by an infant to toddler rocker and they rule
Nappy wrapper. Majorly cuts down smellsBuggysnuggle. So great for comfort and warmth.
Babybanz. Pricey but comforting to know you are protecting LO's eyes and if you start early more likely to be tolerated. C is good as gold with hers.
Sleeping bags. A lifesaver for wriggly sleepers

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Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:08 pm 
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okay im a first time mom an right now money is a little bit tight as we are about to have a move and we also have to get all the baby stuff together at the same time an these posts have definitly helpe out so much!!!

though some of the items i had to think har about ((where i come from we call dummy's binkies so i kept getting confused Razz))

but i just wante to say thankyouthankyou THANK YOU!!!

an my OH thanks you, now i can stop spazing so hard over what to buy an not to buy. Smile

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Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:59 pm 
Post subject:
The best piece of advice I can give is beg, borrow and Ebay anything you possibly can, so you avoid making too many costly mistakes. A lot of the stuff I'm listing here is stuff we've had/borrowed from family and friends.

Not so good:

Moses basket - he hated it and went from sleeping with us to sleeping in a cot
Bumbo - he loved it for all of a few weeks
Toiletries - You don't need them for the first few weeks anyway, so see what your baby's skin is like before you choose anything. You can always use vegetable oils.
Babybjorn front carrier - killed my back and shoulders and I found it tricky to use
Booties and cute shoes - unless you want to spend the rest of your life picking them up off the floor and putting them back on

Brilliant stuff:

Babygrows/sleepsuits - all the lovely, cutesie outfits he was given got left in the drawers because he hated being dressed and I was permanently exhausted
Bouncy chair
Door bouncer
Changing table - saved my already knackered back
Karime sling - much better on the back and you can vary the way you carry your baby
Muslins - as many as you can, they are useful for everything from cleaning up sick to using as an impromptu changing mat
Tripp Trapp high chair - it's great having Felix at the table with us for meals and the fact that it grows with him and turns into a normal chair makes it worth the price
Bugaboo Bee - 100% worth the money if you want something light, manoeuvrable, flexible and will serve as both lie-flat pram and pushchair. I got it to save my back and love it - lots of people have told me they wished they'd forked out for one
Sleeping bags
Shoo Shoo shoes (or similar) - they are good now that he's obsessed with the door bouncer, as we have wooden floors. They do not come off because of the clever elasticated design.

One of the annoying things is that you won't find out a lot of what will/won't work until you actually try it out on your baby! For instance, I found a baby bath very useful for the first few months but know other people who found it pointless.
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Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:37 am 
Post subject:
JJ is only 7 weeks but so far:

Waste of money

Moses basket
Crib (JJ can't stand lying flat on back)
Baby bjorn (hurt back loads)
Baby sling (the shaped type, premaxx, infantino etc.)
t-shirts & trousers 0-3
disposable nappies and wipes(gave JJ nappy rash)
too many baby towells
scratch mits
sml baby shoes

Excellent buy

Amby hammock to sleep in(JJ loves it and because it hangs on a spring he bounces himself back to sleep when he wakes up)
Muslin squares - loads of em!
Moby wrap (keeps my hands free and JJ feels secure and snug, i love babywearing!)
Jane lie flat car seat (we go on lots of long journeys)
babygrows with fold over mits
soft fabric dungarees (for out and about, much better than trousers as have better access to nappy)
bamboo baby towel (only needed one so the other 3 wasted!)
baby beanbag (although we used normal one but not as safe as no harness)
Bum Genius washable nappies (cheaper than disposables and less nappy rash, and JJ looks so cute in them!)
Sleeping bags
Fleece blankets for snuggling on the sofa Smile
Gripe water
Electric breast pump

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Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 10:37 am 
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I found the changing table a waste of money. I never used it. I change my son where ever i am. Either on my bed, on the sofa, i can rarely be bother to go into the kids room and change him.

Bumbo was also a waste, i got it for my 1st son when he was 4 months, he used it for a few weeks, but when he was just 5 month he learned to get out. I would be forever putting him back in it.

Bottle warmer was a waste for me too, i tend to prefer boiling the kettle and putting the bottle in a cup and then sitting down until its ready rather then having to stay by it waiting whilst baby is crying.. At least with the mug of water i can take it and sit down for a few minutes...
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Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:30 pm 
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i really couldnt live without my changing table!
even tho it says upto a year i still change braden on it =o| lol

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AskBaby Star
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Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:05 am 
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Yep, I use the changing table all the time, it keeps everything tidy too.
Also ellie is 10 months and I still use the baby bath! Our bath is huge and takes ages to fill. So the baby bath is in the big bath
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Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:23 am 
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I do find baby changing table is worth and it is not like I use this hardly as, it is usable all the time. Also, apart from this baby bath is very necessary, you dont have to spend much time in bathroom.
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Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:46 am 
Post subject:

We're now 5 months in, and I read this thread whilst pregnant, and now feel qualified to add!

Very useful:
- changing table (stu made one himself) and it has a cupboard underneath for storage of nappies, wipes etc, and I made a nappy holder to go on it - excellent after c-sectin, and still using it now.
- travel system, she would always sleep in car seat, so great that this went on the pram.
- baby bjorn (borrowed from a friend) great for a baby who didn't like being put down.
- snuggle nest - she wouldn't really sleep in moses basket or crib, and snuggle nest meant that co-sleeping was much safer, and we got sleep too!
- dummy string - recent discovery that saves lots of heartache!
- breast pump (have not been able to feed directly due to soreness for months now, and this has kept us on boob milk - and the electric one that arrived last week is even better!!)
- SWING - godsend, literally, as it would put her to sleep in seconds, and worked for three to four hours in the early weeks and months
- tommee tippee bibs (with the thick bit around the neck, and a good thicknes too!)
- tommee tippee bottle thermos, with a top that you then fill with the water to put the bottle in, greast for warming expressed bottles, and easier than a bowl and thermos.

Not really worth it:
- baby sling - quite awkward, though might use it when she's bigger in the other position.
- carry cot for travel system - she didn't like it
- snow suit (sorry for those that liked it - even with a march baby, we didn't use it)
- scratch mittens - never needed
- huggies nappies - rubbish - always lealed wee out which we've never had with pampers.


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AskBaby Legend
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Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:33 am 
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Not worth it :

Too many newborn clothes - I couldn't use any ! maybe buy 3 vest s and 3 sleep suits and then get more if they are small

scratch mits - just fall off ! buy long thin socks and put them on the arms instead !

Worth it

bids and cloths - buy LOADS ! you will basically need 1 per feed

changing mat and box for each floor of house - def saves times and effort !
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Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:11 pm 
Post subject:
ive bought too many 0 - 3 month outfits and not enough newborn! had to go out and buy more newborn cos only this week shes fitted into a couple of her 0-3 months things n she 6 and half weeks! n she average size too!
AskBaby Legend
AskBaby Legend
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Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:55 am 
Post subject:
another tip buy a battery charger ! you use so many batterys in baby things !
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Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:50 pm 
Post subject:
Sorry... Huge post coming up.

No -
Baby bath towels. I bought loads of big towels and hand towels and they've been perfect. Caved and got two baby towels much reduced and never use them!
Baby Bath. For me, this didn't get used much at all. Isabelle's always come in the bath with me, and now occasionally in her swivel bath chair.
Tiny clothes. Isabelle was 10lb 3oz at birth, so Never in newborn clothes. For a handful of days she was in First size, but after that everything was 0-3 month. I didn't buy anything but 0-3, apart from one newborn sleepsuit and a few first size vestsuits, would've bought more had I had a tiny babe, but something told me that wouldn't happen!
Didn't buy outfits for these sizes, she was comfortable in vest and sleepsuits, anything else would've been a waste.
Muslin cloths. I bought a handful of flannels and extra towels which did a perfect job. Thankfully don't have a dribbly or sicky baby but have never used the two muslin cloths I was given - I find they didn't soak much at all.
Baby Carrier. Unfortunately have never got on with it - if I manage to position it right, because she's a big girly, it hurts! And gets so sweaty. Is a shame, but I won't buy one for the next baby.
Toiletries! I have three shelves of things we were given, had in the Johnsons layette box, or the few bits that I bought. Have never touched the moisturisers or baby oil, and we're only an inch or so into a huge tub of shampoo. Don't go mad, things last ages with a baby.

Yes -
Bouncer! This was an essential for me, Isabelle loved it. I didn't splash out on a swing or anything but this suited us fine.
Little toys. Isabelle now can't get enough of delving into her toy boxes and playing with different toys each day. I worried one time I didn't have enough so stocked up on simple rattles and teethers and she plays with everything now - again, no need for larger, expensive things.
Changing Mat. I use it at every change - have it tucked underneath the tv stand. Used to stack nappies and wipes on the stand itself, but now Isabelle is into everything I've just opened the layette box and store things safely in there instead.
Moses Basket. Isabelle wasn't in it long, but the basket was lovely for us. We have a small house, and can't have the cot in our room, so for the first few weeks knowing she was beside us was great. I breastfed for months so was also easier having her close.
A decent Baby Monitor! My first was a cheap useless thing that picked up stupid radio chanels and woke me at 3am with Operatic music.
And for me... Decent feeding bras! I only got two, but being able to discreetly feed made life so much easier.

I pretty much did everything on the cheap - even bought a 17 pushchair for the first four months which was perfect, then another as she was sitting up more.
And my 15 IKEA highchair is better than a 60 we originally bought but did not get on with.

Don't be afraid to shop around!
I went to mothercare at the start of my pregnancy and got given a "checklist" (of course everything should've been brought from them!!) and can happily say I ignored it from the start, and did not need to rush out for anything when Isabelle arrived. Smile

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