any advice for me?

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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 8:13 pm 
Post subject: any advice for me?
hi there, im looking for a bit of hel[. i came off the pill 5 months ago and as a lot of women experience, my periods just went mental. my rather unhelpful doctor told me to put off ttc un til i had a period. which i did, sort of, after 6 or 7 weeks. so there we were, me and my husband, at it like rabbits, but then 5 weeks and no sign of af, so got really excited, then it was 6 weeks then 7 and so on and so on now its nearly 11 weeks, negative test but no af. the test does say thats its on 99% accurate from the first day you missed your period, but how the hell am i meant to know when it is due since its been so long. i am totally fed up. why is it so hard to have the one thing happen to you that is meant to be the easiest and ostnatural thing in the world. has anyone else experienced the same? id be chuffed to know im not te only one out there.


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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:03 am 
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I just noticed your post and thought i would let you know... i stopped taking the pill in may 07 and i have only just started getting normal cycles...I went a few months without having an af...

All the best
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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:15 pm 
Post subject: hi
I came of the pill four months ago and luckily,my periods haven't been too bad,they were a bit irregular the first two months and now are a few days late but are normal other than that.

It is different for everyone,depending on how long you were on the pill and maybe what kind of pill and also if you had normal periods before.
The reason the doctor advises not to start trying until you have a period is to let you body settle down and get used to not being on the pill.It is also more difficult to work out when you ovulate if you are having irregular periods,so that is why they say to wait.

I had no choice but to wait,as I have had other problems since coming off he pill but am starting trying this month.

I think it may be worth going to your doctor if you haven't had a period in the next week or so,just to make may be pregnant,the tests could be wrong or maybe the hormone is not strong enough to show up yet.Good luck and I hope everything gets sorted soon x
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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:25 pm 
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if its been 11 weeks since your last period, I would go back to your doctor. Maybe he can give you something to kick start your periods again. Your body is probably stil messed up from being on the pill for a while!

Have you done any other tests since your negative test? Maybe its wrong?

Good luck x
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