has anyone tried the Trunki?

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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:31 pm 
Post subject: has anyone tried the Trunki?
Hi - I'm going on holiday with my 1 year old in June and am really interested in the Trunki

However, all the ratings say from 3 years old.

Has anyone tried this and if so how possible/impossible do you think it would be for her?

I would of course not expect her to push/pull it around - just keep her busy hopefully.

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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:54 am 
Post subject: Trunkii
I've just bought one for my son who has just turned 3. He loves it although we'll see how the journey goes. I wouldn't put my one year old on it, just because it does require some degree of balance and as you're pulling it behind you they could easily fall off. Plus it is a little big for her to straddle properly. They are lovely though and I think I'm more excited then my son to use it in the airport! Razz
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