My baby brother doesn't speak but his twin sister does!!!!!!

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Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:05 am 
Post subject: My baby brother doesn't speak but his twin sister does!!!!!!
I'm really worried about my baby brother (he and my sister are twins and are now 20months old) and she is very advanced - she started talking at a year and names family members, friends, TV characters and pets. She has a vast vocabulary and says A LOT of nouns, quite a few verbs and understands her actions and what is being asked of her or what she is being told. She can name all of her facial and body parts and practically all household items ie. plate, toilet, spoon, chair.....and more and also names foods such as water, banana, bread, juice, apple, milk cookie, spaghetti and more.....She is very attentive and eager to learn and picks things up very quickly. She is now counting and recognizes the numbers' appearance and has started with her ABC's. She sings along to Barney, sings twinkle little star, incy spider and tries to do the humpty dumpty rhyme. But my brother says nothing, he understands very little of what is asked of him and won't repeat anything you tell him, he throws tantrums when he asked to say something or when you try to teach him something. He has a total vocabulary of maybe 5 words that barely make calling the dog DADA when his name is Pascha, calls a ball bo and not ball - doesn't say mummy or any nouns and has an extremely short attention span.........he practically says nothing and I am very concerned - why is she doing so much and speaking so well but he can't?????????????????

I don't understand because he doen't even try to copy her and he is very stubborn..........there is nothing wrong with his hearing because he responds to his name and some words that he understands and TV programmes
So what can the problem be??????????????????????????
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Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:45 pm 
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there may not be a problem at all boys are generally slower than girls any way i found that it took my little boy a lot longer to talk than my daughter his attention span is also not very good he doesn't like to do the same thing for too long so long as he gets plenty of praise when he does say something new and he still gets some of the attention and it's not all given to your sister because she can do more then he should get there it will probably all come at once hope this helps and makes sense don't give up on him all kids are different even twins
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Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:05 am 
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Your question caught my eye because I am a speech-language pathologist who works with young children.

It is possible that your brother is simply a "late talker," and will eventually begin talking and catch up to his twin sister. But it's also possible that he has a language disorder and will not catch up without therapy. What I find troublesome about what you've described is that he is behind on both his expressive skills (number of words he says) and his receptive skills (the amount he understands). I would be a lot less worried if you had said that he's not talking but he understands pretty much everything you say.

The good news is that speech therapy can make a huge difference for children your brother's age. I would recommend an evaluation with a qualified speech-language therapist to determine if he really does have a speech or language disorder. If he does, the therapist will know how to address his needs and help him increase his skills.

Best of luck to you and the twins!
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