I Feel Really Stupid!

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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:12 am 
Post subject: I Feel Really Stupid!

My partner and I started trying for our baby in August Last year. after trying for 6 months we decided to give up trying a few months get back to normal as such. However this month i was posting on here as I was 6 days late on my period, ( it might not seem like a long time to some but when you know you haven't been trying it can be a confusing month). Anyways, AF turned up on day 6! Sad but I have been experiencing some weird symptoms and I don't know whether its my head playing tricks on me.

My sister had 2 normal periods at the beginnng of her latest pregnancy, she was totally unaware she was even pregnant! She went to the docs about a urine infection and left pregnant. When she had her scan 2 weeks later to find out how far along she was it turned out she was 10 weeks! I don't know if this can run in the family but I have experienced lower back pain all week, my stomach is swollen as metioned in previous posts you wouldn't be able to tell though as I am larger framed

! I have been really tired for no reason and also the cravings I'm having are totally weird. The cravings have been going on for about 2 months, special fried rice with mustard and ketchup?

I have spoken to my doc about this and explained i've been doing HPT's but they all come back negative! because of this she won't give me a blood test as she really believes in HPT's and that they are never wrong!

I'm just worried that i'll end being pregnant and that I won't know about it cos my doc is useless. I have been to the family planning clinic around here to see if they could help but they only did a urine test!

What should I do? Should I ignore all whats going on with my body until I get a Positive HPT?

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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:09 am 
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hi y dont u wait until your finished then go back to the doctors and explain about the simptoms and do another pregnancy test hope it all goes well good luck
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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:51 pm 
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Hi, thi must be so frustrating.
A friend of mne never got a positive on a home pregnant test, weird! but I would go back to your doctor and insist on a blood test as they can tell with 100% accuracy. I really hope you get some good news soon.
X Sending baby dust your way
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Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:13 pm 
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Hi KJ24

I was like that with my 1st pregnancy, I was on the pill so had two periods and didn't think I could be at first. I was so sick, thought it was a bug. Then after a week of vomiting I couldn't stop going to the loo either, I did about 6 home tests all negative. My doctor even gave me anti-biotics for a water infection, which was pretty pointless cause they had to be taken with food and I hadn't kept anything down for two weeks. Finally after 6 home tests and two Drs test I got a positive at 11 weeks pregnant, they didn't do the blood tests back then, my son just turned 16 .

Hope it all works out for you and you get the result you want

Donna x x
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