trouble putting to sleep

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Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:37 pm 
Post subject: trouble putting to sleep
hi i having trouble putting my girl down now 7 wks she is only just going to sleep in mosses basket for 3 hrs she was in intensive care for week and is now use to not being swaddled and they laid her on front . how can i get her to do more in mosses basket ?
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Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:46 pm 
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Hi annas,

I hope your little girl is doing well now she is out of intensive care.

At least you are getting her to sleep and for 3 hrs. I couldn't get my daughter to sleep, or if I did it was about 20 mins before she was due her next feed!!
(See my reply to your question about White noise)

Sleeping for 3 hrs sessions at 7 weeks old, I would say, is fairly typical and good.
(Don't know what other mums may think - anyone any comments?)
I can understand that you want her to sleep longer but that will come over the next couple of weeks - she will start to go for 4 hours then 5 etc.
Sorry - not probably what you wanted to hear but it sounds as though she is doing really well!

My suggestion to you would be to get her into a routine (primarily set by her but controlled by you) so you can observe if her nap times and periods between feeds are extending.
By that I mean take a note of her pattern i.e. wakenings, sleep times and durations, eating times and durations over a couple of days and see if it naturally follows a pattern. If it does use this and then over the next couple of weeks start to extend the periods between feeds up to 4 hrs (but only increase by a couple of minurtes at a time)
The increased sleep will follow but it does take time - by about 8-10 weeks she will pobably be going for 4 hours, however every baby is different, she maybe sooner or later than this.

I know I have answered another post of yours regarding white noise to extend sleep but in my humble opinion is doesn't sound as though you need it at this stage.

Hope this helps
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