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Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:56 pm 
Post subject: obsessed already
Long story but waited 6 years of marriage and started trying for a baby, something i have wanted as long as i can remember. I couldnt believe it when i started reading into how to conceive, TWO days a MONTH, WHAT!!! But its suppose to just happen! any way its only been two months but i am alredy thinking all the negative thoughts i the world which i know is stupid, but i cant help it, im scared its going to affect my chances of falling pregnant. i already take ovulation tests because my cycle is so long and my period is all over the place. Can anyone help me, im obsessed!!! i find myself watching 'bringing home baby' on sky and reading baby books too!!! ahhhhh Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:08 pm 
Post subject: hi
Hiya,I can't say I know how you feel as I haven't started trying yet(am this month).

All i will say is that try not to think about it too much or get stressed as you are right,this won't help.
I am the same when it comes to looking at baby stuff and reading things,I too think I'm obsessed and probably drive my partner mad talking about it but he understands that this is something that is really important to me.

As for when to try,it is best to start a couple of days before your most fertile period begins and then continue every other day until one or two days after ovulation.
Have you tried yet this month?

Good luck and I hope this helps!x

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Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:38 pm 
Post subject:
Hi smithnbobby

I know what you mean, I have wanted children for as long as I remember and after 2 years of marraige we are ttc and have been since Nov07. I have always watched baby progamms and read books on anything from having a baby to bringing them up (but never about concieving). My husband is very supported as I am sure I talk about having a baby A LOT!!! My husband and have always talked about how we would like to bring our children up from disipline to schools, (much of the information coming from the tv and books) which I think has been a good idea as many parents never talk about this subject before their bundle of joy arrives and then have found they had different views on how they should be brought up.

After trying for the first 2 months and finding that I did not concieve straight away (which did not ocour to me at the time would happen as after so many years of trying not to have a baby I thought it would be easy!!) I have myself started researching on how to concieve and didn't realise it would be this difficult. With dates, times and the ways it all seems so complicated for the one thing that is supposed to be so natural.

I'm sending lots of baby thoughts your way and I hope you don't have to wait too long. Good Luck xx
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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:52 am 
Post subject:
Hi all. Im in exactly the same boat, so dont worry, you arent the only one!!

I have become so obsessed Ive spent the last four months trying to convince hubby we should be painting the spare room "just in case"!

I have been on the pill for over 12 years on and off and no think its laughable that some times when I was sick or took antibiotics etc that I rushed off and took the morning after pill....now Im on no pill and trying with every bit of strength I have left and I cant get caught.

Ive been particularly frustrated as to me it also feels like the world is against me. I know its really irrational but I have three friends who are all either pregnant or just had baby. One was a complete accident and two fell pregnant on the first attempt and I dont know about you guys but it makes me feel like a real failure and its also dead easy to start thinking 'well why havent I caught in the first month there must be something wrong'

I think all we can do is persevere. Dont limit it to the certain days a month when you are ovulating as although this is the best time obviously it doesnt hurt to try at other times too. I dont think there is anything wrong with reading books, magazines etc as it can only give you advice and make you a better mummy! Fingers crossed for us all xoxoxoxoxoxo
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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:56 pm 
Post subject:

Hiya everyone, i'm new to all this and can't believe i have joined a website all about babies! i am also now obsessed!! i'm supposed to be studying at the moment but all i can think about is "am i pregnant"?!
Me and my husband have been married for 1 and a half years and are both excited about becoming pregnant. After reading other comments about how obsessed we all become and how difficult it is to conceive puts me at ease as i thought it was only me that was feeling like that!!
i have been on the "pill" for 12 years and came off the pill on the 4th march and i thought it would just happen! I have not had a period yet and just hope it comes soon because it's driving me mad wondering whats going on with my body?How long does it usually take for your first period to come after being on the pill for so long? i have done 2 tests but both were negative?
Any help or advice appreciated. Wink
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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:47 pm 
Post subject:
I think it is pretty safe to say, we are all in the same boat Laughing
As much as I ty and NOT become obsessed and stop myself thinking about getting pregnant, it just doesnt work! I am always watching baby programs and reading my pregnancy bible....I just go with the logic that I will need to know it all one day and it keeps me positive too! I dont have any children yet but all my friends who have kids or babies or are pg come to me for advice as I am so 'clued' up about it all from all the books and tv progs Ive been watching!!!!

As hard as it is, relaxing is our best friend. The more we can relax and not put pressure on ourselves, the better 'conditions' we are giving our bodies. Ive probably said this in every post Ive made, but I really do believe in what will be will be and firmly trust that it WILL happen for us all, just when it is supposed to happen and not specifically WHEN we want it to happen....like NOW!!!!!!!

Relax, trust and have fun Wink
Heaps of babydust,
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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:02 pm 
Post subject:
Hi LSC, I was on the pill for two years and came off it on march 9th, i had af on april 8th and are ttc this month, my cycle was regular before i went on the pill of around 28 days, if uve had 2 negative tests already it may just be that u have a long cycle.
Hope u get sum answers soon, and good luck.

Hi tigger, Im really excited for u it seems from ur ticker ull be able 2 test 2moro! how are u feeling? u must be so excited best of luck 2 u x

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