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Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 8:37 pm 
Post subject: Sneezing!

Hei, I am glad I have found a website that I can maybe get an answer from. I am 11 wks tomorrow, with my 2nd child. I had to have a "C" section, which was a weierd experiance, with my first. My problem is that everytime I sneeze, ( which is LOADS! since becoming pregnant), my scar REALLY hurts! When I'm in bed I have to curl up into a tiny ball, and bring my knees up to my chin. And if I am standing/walking I have to crouch down really small - not always convinent. Also, has anyone else increased in the number of times they sneez since becoming pregnant?!!
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Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:18 pm 
Post subject: sneezing!
hey there!

i dont mean this the way it will prob sound but im soooooooo glad there's sum1 else who's had this too! im 20 weeks with 2nd baby and thru both pregnancies i constantly had blocked nose, runny nose, sinus pain and a million nose bleeds - its been like having a constant cold! in my 1st pregnancy it cleared up all of a sudden at around 26 weeks but this pregnancy its been worse and is still going strong. the only thing i found is that it got worse if i was sitting or laying down or if the heating was on too long then it would flare up, so bung open some windows n stick your head out coz a bit of fresh air helped.

i did read on internet that the whole nose thing is caused by the same hormones that soften the cervix and make it swell in prep for when nipper is born and apparantly it has the same reaction with your nasal passages making them swell n get stuffy. so from what i know its perfectly normal, but nevertheless a pain in the butt!!

i hope you feel better, let us know how u get on!xx
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