Should I stop Swaddling

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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:37 am 
Post subject: Should I stop Swaddling

I currently swaddle my 4 month old little boy, when he sleeps, as his arms tend to wake him up. It is now coming to summer and I am worried that he will over heat when swaddled. I have tried him in a grobag, but he doesn't settle very well and his 1.5hour naps have gone to 40 mins. Any suggestions please?
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Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 11:37 am 
Post subject: Bigmuz swaddling cloth

I have been stripping my baby right down to his nappy and swaddling him in the thinnest blanket/sheet I could find, but he's still too hot sometimes, especially in the middle of the day. Yesterday, I found this site:

and have ordered some giant muslins. This is the only UK site I've found (other than Coochi - twice the price) the others are all australian, so at least we know they're suitable for hot weather! This site also offers free delivery.

We had been using normal size muslins as they are perfect weight-wise, but they aren't big enough (he wriggles out).

Hope this helps
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Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 12:47 pm 
Post subject:

If swaddling works then I wodul keep using it but just monitro his temperature - maybe open a window an warm nights - Do you use a room thermometer?
Another option is to use the gro bag and possibly white noise to extend his naps.
Babies sleep cycles are typically 40-45 minutes long however as your son was swaddled he has found it easier to drift back into another sleep cycle hence why he sleep for about 1.5 hrs (2 sleep cycles).

Eventually he is going to not want swaddled and you may need to deal with his short naps and try to extend them - I personally would do it sooner than later.

I used white noise successfully to extend her nap times in stages from 10 mins to 20 mins then to 40 and now up to 1.5 hours, occassionally she will go for 2 hrs.

If you want more info then please let me know

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