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Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:16 pm 
Post subject: Potty training
Hi. My little boy is 2yrs 8 months. Showed all the signs for starting potty training when he was 2yrs old. We started and it was successful for a few months, however he's just gone backwards ever since. he knows how to go the toiliet and can do both wee's and poo's, however just chooses not to sometimes. Nursery seemed to think he was wetting for attention so we tried the ignoring technique which seemed to work for a short time, however he's gone back to wetting. trouble is i'm getting really frustrated because its been so long and i know he can do it. I've asked him constantly today and he says no then he wets, this has happened six times in the space of an hour. Its become such an issue and i know its an issue for him i just don't know what else to do apart from go back to nappies - its tiring. HELP!
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Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:32 pm 
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try putting him on toilet every 30mins, praise him loads if he does it. could he be worried about something( any new things started or stopped happening) My daughter did the same but was a little older she was trained from 18months and when she started nursery at 3yr at school she started wetting again, day and night. she could wee on demand. we spoke to gp and he said that the change in nursery and new things could be reason or infection. once the infection was ruled out went to school things after around 6months she went back to normal. she has not had wet bed or knickers in 6months now. it hard to step back sometime but just do what u did first time round and start for day one again.
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