Getting off the breast

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Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:04 pm 
Post subject: Getting off the breast
I have been breastfeeding my little one and now that he as turned 1 would really like to give up. I have tried giving him both formula and cows milk out of various bottles, beakers and cups but point blank refuses. It gets to the point where he's in such a state that i end up giving him. As anyone got some sound advice as would really like my body back
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Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:53 pm 
Post subject: Getting off the breast
Hi Claire, I have mixed fed my daughter since she was born so have had no problems with either but I do know people who have had a similar problems.

My advice is to
1) Go out and buy or borrow 1 of every kind of bottle there is (particularly NUK bottles and MAM bottles) and try your little one with each one, and
2) get in touch with your local breastfeeding counsellor and ask her to visit you.

Not sure if you have this in your area but I have access to a group of breastfeeding nurses who will visit you on request to help with breastfeeding problems. Try your local clinic if you are unsure or call the laleche league (details on or try which has loads of information that could be useful.

I hope you get it sorted, what you need to remember is that babies are very clever little souls and at the moment yours is getting his own way at the moment, you need to assert yourself to get your own way. There is a solution somewhere for you I'm sure!

Best wishes x
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